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The Trails at Crowfoot Metropolitan Districts Nos. 1-3 (collectively the “Districts”) are quasi-governmental entities, located in Parker, CO. The Districts were formed to support the development and maintenance of vital infrastructure and amenities for the Trails at Crowfoot community. On this website, you will find information for the Districts including contacts, meeting agendas, financial information, and other District documents. This website is the official posting location for the Districts’ meeting notices.

Trails at Crowfoot Metropolitan District No. 3 handles the operations and maintenance of the small community parks, open space areas and trails, certain common area landscaping, detention ponds, fencing adjacent to common areas, and the community pool. The District also provides trash and recycling services to residents. To report a concern or to request information not available on this website, please email [email protected] or call 303-858-1800. For questions and concerns regarding trash and recycling services, please contact Waste Management at 303-797-1600.

Snow Removal

The District is responsible for snow removal along certain common area sidewalks and trails in and adjacent to property owned and/or maintained by the District. The District’s current trigger for snow removal on sidewalks is 2″ of accumulation per snowfall event. Property owners/residents are responsible for snow removal on sidewalks adjacent to their property, and the Trails at Crowfoot Villas Owners Association is responsible for snow removal on sidewalks and private roads within the KB Home subdivision. Please see the link below to view the District’s Snow Removal Map. Please direct Metro District snow removal questions or concerns to [email protected]. Any questions or concerns about street snow removal should be directed to the Town of Parker at (303) 841-0353 or https://www.parkeronline.org/.

Trails at Crowfoot Metropolitan District Snow Removal Map

The community also has a separate master homeowners association that handles covenant enforcement, design review, and fee collection.
Click here for contact information for the master homeowners association.

  • The tennis and pickleball courts, basketball court, disc golf course, multi-use sports field, and playground area will be owned and maintained by the Town of Parker.  Please visit the Town’s Park and Recreation website for additional information:  https://www.parkerrec.com/

Trails at Crowfoot Metro District Map

Transparency Notice

Disclosure Notice Pursuant to §32-1-809, C.R.S. Click below to view more information.

2024 Transparency Notice, No. 1

2024 Transparency Notice, No. 2

2024 Transparency Notice, No. 3

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Required Notice Pursuant to House Bill 23-1105 – Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force